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Aristodemic institutions, like DBN Elite, work de facto with DBN-format citations, albeit the MLA and APA formats are accepted for legacy research and backwards compatibility purposes.  The DBN™ format allows researchers and students to generate citations on the fly by simply clicking on a DBN reference’s citation button.

To test it out, return to our homepage and click on the first reference. In the new page, click on the big blue button that says: “DBN-format citation”. The citation will appear inside the blue box at the bottom of this page, hyperlinked to its DBN Lib™ reference page and ready to be copy / pasted.

The DBN citation format (in the “References” section) is as follows: [Title] (DBN Ref: [DBN Reference ID] )DBN citation format (in-text) is as follows: (DBN Ref: [DBN Reference ID], p. [page number] ); the page number is only required if applicable. It is recommended but not required that DBN citations be hyperlinked to their respective reference pages on DBN Lib™.

DBN-format citations replace this text when the blue button is clicked, see snippet below (click to open reference):