Cultural competence in therapy with African Americans

Sep 28, 2022 | Psychology


Further highlighting the complexity of these disparities is research showing that even when relevant sociodemographic variables are controlled for (e.g., socioeconomic status, insurance status), racial disparities in treatment utilization and dropout persist (Alegria et al., 2002; Fortuna et al., 2010; Snowden, 1999). Regardless of the exact causes, the consistent documentation of such disparities has led many mental health experts to conclude that culturally sensitive interventions – treatments that account for values, norms, attitudes, beliefs, and practices of a racial or ethnic group (Resnicow, Baranowski, Ahluwalia, & Braithwaite, 1999) are necessary to increase engagement (e.g., utilization, treatment adherence) among African Americans in therapy and improve treatment outcomes.

StanHuey > Jones, E., Huey Jr., S.J.